The New Zealand based Council for Socially Responsible Investment has closed.

Please follow this link to the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility:

Enquires within New Zealand can still be directed to Lyn Mayes
Mobile: 021 471 261
Phone: 09 414 4341

To all the friends and supporters of the Council for Socially Responsible Investment.

Thank you for your support and encouragement since CSRI began.  While we have not achieved as much as we would have liked we still have had some significant outcomes.  These are briefly identified on the ACCR website:

“CSRI has had a number of successes including encouraging the government to pull out of its investment in tobacco and landmines.  It also demonstrated the inadequacy of the legislated criteria for suitable investment by NZ Government funds.  It exposed the irony that its funds were actually investing in nuclear weapons, despite the fact that, for over three decades, the New Zealand Government had campaigned against the French and USA governments about their involvement with nuclear weaponry.  The Accident Compensation Corporation in NZ has subsequently ceased such nuclear weapon investment although the New Zealand Superannuation Fund still persists in this practice.”

Can I encourage you to join the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility.  Although based in Australia, it is intending to be active in New Zealand as well as Australia.  The need for which CSRI was set up has not changed as investments are still unjust and destroying the planet’s ecosystems without any regard for the future.

Best wishes,

Robert Howell

on behalf of the Board.